What Do You Have To Declare?

Here in Utah, we celebrate two significant holidays in July. Both have roots in lofty declarations made by men with big dreams. The first holiday, Independence Day, is of course celebrated by the entire country. The second holiday is Pioneer Day, a regional celebration.   As we all know, in July of 1776, a bunch[…]

Mourning Mornings

Are you a morning person? You know who you are if you are one and although I don’t understand you, I can respect you. There is a reason why morning and mourning sound alike, even if they have different meanings—it’s because they are actually related to each other. To me, mornings are a struggle. It’s[…]

Are You Too Old? 

You may have found yourself thinking, I am just too old for that now. What is your “that?” A dream long abandoned? Who told you that you were too old? Was it something you just assumed? Are societal norms—a common source of paradigms—the right standard for determining what are age-appropriate activities? My son Adam and[…]

Only Seven Habits From Success

How do you go about choosing a book to live by in the hopes that it will change your life for the better? If you are a person of faith, you may choose a book of scripture. It is never a bad choice in my opinion—except for when personal ambition, pride, and hubris are driving[…]