The Book

A humorous look at life and career.

Winner of the Gold Quill for best nonfiction!

Book Chapters

Chapter 1

The Tall And Short Of Things

Chapter 2

Coming Out of the Right Closet

Chapter 3

If You Aren’t Good at Being You, Maybe You Should Practice More

Chapter 4

You Can’t Poke Out the Mind’s Eye or Muzzle the Voice in Your Head

Chapter 5

Far Too Many People Are Qualified to be the Village Idiot

Chapter 6

Four Letter “F” Words–Fear and Fire

Chapter 7

If We Were Meant to Run Naked, We Would be Born That Way

Chapter 8

Performance is Really Just an Act

Chapter 9

The Yellow Brick Road Never Was Easy Street

Chapter 10

When You Get There, Say Hello to the Mouse for Me

Chapter 11

Yes, People are Going to Laugh at You

Chapter 12

In Short, Think Taller